Alexandra Joy Hoerr

Founder & Owner

Areas of Specialty

Women’s Issues
PTSD & Trauma
Bereavement & Grief
Young Professionals
Church Hurt & Spirituality
Women in Leadership
Enneagram Typing & Discernment

Professional Background

Illinois LCPC 180.010561

Colorado LPC.0016805

Registered Play Therapist (RPT), Expiration 6/30/2024

MA in Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, IL.

BA of Psychology with minor in Biology, Hannibal LaGrange University, Hannibal, MO.

NOTE: Alex is not accepting new clients at this time. Click here to view other therapists.

Locations: Virtual Illinois & Colorado, In-Office Chicago

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

You’re not alone.

Trust me, I’ve worked with many adults struggling to find peace in their own minds and a grounded sense of knowing who they are- that they’re making the right choices. That feeling, whether it be stuck, sad, angry, or anxious, is an immense burden to carry. At times, it shows up as sleepless nights, sweaty palms and accelerated heart rate, distance in relationships, and a sense deep inside that something is off or wrong. You could be talking only a couple feet from someone who is a close relationship to you and wonder, “If only they know I feel this way.” Isolation in the struggle is possibly the worse burden of all.

Working together looks like exploring all these areas with curiosity and compassion. Together we map out and piece together experiences in your life, finding the context that makes the symptoms you’re experiencing make sense. From those connections we together ask, “Is this working for me?” and seek to make small but impactful changes in the way you think, live and do relationships. Every session should leave you feeling connected and with greater clarity. The symptoms mentioned above- well we’re looking to get rid of them or replace them with more healthful coping!

I started Optimum Joy with the goal of helping the ‘everyday’ person grow in their mental health. You experience emotions that are difficult to manage and are hoping to pursue growth. You’re somewhere in between and simply trying to navigate life! You too deserve to understand who you are, where you came from, and dream about what’s ahead- all from the place of mental and emotional health.

This has been my dream all along. Ever since studying psychology and biology in undergraduate studies and going on to earn an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology, I’ve focused in on studying relationships, healthy habits, the mind-body connection, neuroscience, overwhelm and trauma, mindfulness and acceptance, storytelling, meaning and purpose, and how our previous family and cultural history still today shows up in our lives. All this and more with the end goal of helping people understand and move forward in their own lives.

A personal belief of mine: you’re worth the effort and investment.

I know it is hard to reach out, but don’t wait another day in isolation. Call me for a free phone consultation. Let’s start working towards your internal health today!

“Understanding where I came from was huge! Alex helped me go back so I could move forward."

“Alex has helped me trust myself and pursue things I only dreamed of. I’ve realized so many personal strengths”

“I am a single mom with a ton on my plate. Working through my issues felt like another endless endeavor, but Alex stuck by me through it. I would never trade in that personal journey."

“When I am with Alex, I just sense that she gets it. That is really important to me.”

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