Andrew “Houston” Hough

Therapeutic Orientation & Techniques

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Acceptance Theory

Psychodynamic Therapy

Areas of Specialty

LGBTQIA+ & Sexual Identity
Depression & Anxiety
Career Shift & Exploration
Trauma & Post-Traumatic Growth
Sex Addiction

Professional Background

M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL conferred May 2022

B.A. Philosophy, Politics, & Economics, The King’s College, New York, NY

Locations: Virtual Illinois, In-Office Chicago

Pronouns: He / Him / His

Clinical Residency: June 2021 – May 2022

You may have experienced a really tough year.

Covid-19, loss of a friend or loved one, a job. Perhaps you had an unexpected transition, a relationship went south, or you may feel like you lost your way in life. When you think of moving forward, you feel down, anxious, or even overwhelmed. 

But in all of this, you found you do want to move forward and you’re ready to tackle life again. You want to combat those negative feelings, work through the difficult aspects of your relationship, ultimately seeking to be stronger and more resilient. 

Seeking support  is indeed humbling, but if a fuller understanding of yourself, what you want in your life, and a more connected way of moving through the world is what is at stake than I hope you know you are worth fighting for.  Life is meant to be done with others and your stories and experiences are unique and valuable. 

When in session, we work together, collaboratively, to define your goals and achieve them together. In order to do that, the space you enter is meant to be sacred—safe, accepting, freeing, healing, and ultimately, transforming. A therapeutic  process is about you, your life, your story and I get the privilege of taking my therapeutic tools to help you understand you better and digging deeper into the why behind the what. Additionally, I want to ensure you know I approach therapy from a holistic position meaning that first and foremost, you are a person and what you are going through does not define you. Moreover, we will work to find solutions to help you come out stronger on the other side. 

I  started going to therapy over five years ago as I felt empty even though I was living in my dream city of New York and had an incredible friend group. As I ventured into my therapy journey, more and more questions arose about who I am, my sexuality, how I am wired, and what I find meaningful. This led me to consider my career choices and I will never forget looking at my therapist in the middle of a session thinking to myself, “I like what he does. Diving into people’s lives seems really life-giving and purposeful.” So here I am, pursuing the pull on my heart to help people heal in any way I can. Outside of the therapy room, you will find me looking for flights to the next international destination on my bucket list, exploring the neighborhood’s coffee shops, marathoning, playing piano, baking, or binging the latest British crime series on Netflix. 

I know that taking the next step in talking to a complete stranger is scary. But trust me. I have been there and done that. And I can tell you both in the life of my clients and from personal first hand experience, you will benefit from it in some way somehow. I would be honored to partner with you to explore who you are and see you transform into the best version of you. By reading this page, you have already taken a bold and tremendous step. 

"Houston really helped me unpack my relationship with my brother, which enabled me to begin to develop healthier patterns of relating to him."

“I felt deeply encouraged, heard, and attended to in our weekly sessions, and Houston’s ability to help me cling to hope transformed me.”

“I felt that Houston’s ability to be attentive and ask good questions helped me affirm the value of working with a therapist.”

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