April 17, 2023

A Spring Check-In

By Ruth Nathaniel
Mental Health & Wellbeing

Spring signifies the emergence out of the cold, dark winter into a brighter, greener season of growth and newness. Since we can often feel a jolt of motivation and productivity through the new year, it can be helpful to do a little check-in with yourself as we transition into yet another season. I look forward to these check-points, not through the lens of productivity or goals, but rather as an eye geared towards the internal state.

How are you, really?

So, how are you? How have the last few months been? Are you noticing anything in your body? Feelings of weariness, energy, calm? How does it feel to enter spring, and leave winter behind? If you could describe your mental health through an image, what would that look like, what colors would you include and why?

If I were to answer that last question, I would probably use the imagery of a candle burning warmly in the dark, within a deep pool of melted wax. Dark blues, and light pinks come to mind, similar to the colors I’ve seen at dawn all winter long. There’s peace, steadfastness, and also expectation for what is to come.

Acknowledge your feelings and reflect

It’s been an arduous winter for some of us, and even being here in this present moment has taken a good measure of endurance. You might be feeling tired, and it’s okay to acknowledge that today. Yes, spring means new life and fresh starts, but it does not mean we simply ignore the journey and toll up to this point. Is a time of rest on the horizon? What changes are required to accommodate your needs? What are you grateful for as you look behind, within, and ahead? Making space to acknowledge the aspects of life that you are thankful for can be a healing exercise as we close one chapter and begin another.

If this blog brought up some thoughts and experiences you’d like to process further, and you’re interested in being guided through a more mindful life, I’d love to meet you and hear your story. Give us a call about setting up an appointment today!

Written By

Ruth Nathaniel

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