May 2, 2023

Prayer and Faith Integrated Therapy

By Natasha Beals

At an early age, I was introduced to prayer and was taught about the many benefits of it. Praying was (and still is) an activity that I incorporate into my everyday life. Prayer is a powerful tool and many individuals rely on prayer to help them conquer the trials and tribulations that they may be facing in their lives right now.

The National Day of Prayer was created in 1988, and is held on the first Thursday in May each year. This day was intended to bring individuals of faith together to pray for the nation, and in this day and age, our nation needs tremendous amounts of prayer.  While prayer is certainly beneficial to the collective, and is useful in our individual lives, did you know that prayer and your faith can also be integrated into therapy?

Faith Integrated Therapy

Faith Integrated therapy is a form of therapy that integrates a person’s religion, spiritual beliefs and practices within the sessions. These types of sessions can include activities such as prayer between a therapist and client, or reaching scripture during sessions.  This form of therapy can be effective because it aligns with a person’s belief system and benefits clients by helping them strengthen their relationship with God. Spirituality and religion can be critical sources of strength for many individuals. Individuals rely on their faith and their spirituality to help them find their meaning in life. The tools utilized in Faith Integrated Therapy can be very instrumental in promoting the healing and well-being of a person. Combining a client’s spirituality and religion in a therapy session can equip them with the tools needed to be able to better cope with any stress that they are facing in their lives.

Benefits of Integrating Prayer, Spirituality and Religion in Therapy

Research has shown that integrating faith into therapy can improve one’s mental health by helping clients:

  • Determine what their meaning is in life, which can lead to greater happiness
  • Experience an increase in compassion and gratitude in their life
  • Improve social connections
  • Create positive coping strategies to better cope with stress
  • Create and grow more positive relationships
  • Renew a sense of belonging in the world
  • Encourage meditation and improving self-reflection

Reach Out

Do you need more peace in your life? Do you need help determining your purpose in life? Know that Faith Integrated Therapy can have a huge impact on your mental health, leading to a more peaceful and purposeful life. Reach out to one of our Faith Integrated Therapists to begin your journey.

Written By

Natasha Beals

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