June 23, 2021

[VIDEO] Anxiety and Depression Lead to Aggression in Men

Anxiety & Depression
Video & Audio
Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr 

Alex Parlette works a lot with emerging adult men on emotional awareness/ intelligence and anger management. This conversation looks at how anxiety and depression tends to manifest as anger in men. Listen to the whole interview or check out segments of interest detailed in the timestamps below.

Time Stamps:

00:00-00:55 -Introduction to Alex Parlette

00:55-04:00 – Anxiety and Depression lead to manifesting itself as aggression in emerging adult men.

04:01- 06:30 – Prevalence of emotional understanding in boys and emerging adult men.

06:30-08:00 – Acting out behavior can be communication to parents that something else is wrong

08:01- 10:00 – Emotional Literacy in Men

10:00 – 11:46 – Reaching out for Help and closing remarks.

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