Candace McWinnie shares her personal-professional insight on how code switching interrupts the freedom of therapeutic space when a black client meets with a white or non-black therapist. She defines oppression as a stifling of your true self, therefore being anything but you in the therapist space is connected to oppression. Tune into the whole interview, or feel free to check out the sound bites of interest detailed below. 

Time Stamps: 

00:00-01:12 Introduction to code switching with non-black therapists

01:12-04:05 Personal experiences with code switching 

04:05-05:01 Therapist’s job is to overthrow systems of oppression in self and systems 

05:01-07:26 Defining code switching & relating it to therapy 

07:26-08:34 Do you feel fully free with white therapists? “It feels like personal oppression” 

08:34-10:19 How do we resolve code switching in therapy and creating an environment where individuals can feel fully free in that space? Especially in under-represented groups? 

10:19-12:23 Therapists need to be aware and create freedom to be a full self. It is all about communication. 

12:23-14:40 There aren’t enough black therapists! Representation matters. Until enough providers represent people, try to stick with that person and try to communicate what you need. 

14:40-17:19 Resource: Therapy for Black Girls directory

17:19-17:53 Wrapping up 

Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr 


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