May 3, 2021

[VIDEO] Black People, the Church and Therapy

Video & Audio
Candance shares her personal experience as a black woman growing up in church. She especially leans into the cultural factors that impact the black, Christian community as it relates to therapy. Watch the whole interview, or check out the timestamps below for soundbites of interest.
Time Stamps:
00:0001:05 — Candace’s Personal Experience
01:0502:18 — 5 Reasons the Black, Christian population holds back from seeking therapy?
02:1803:50 — “Strong Black Women” = Be strong or don’t make it
03:5006:12 — “Pray More” = You’re not doing enough to fix yourself
06:1208:50 — Barriers to therapy – Knowledge + Trust + Money + Perception
08:5011:15 — Resources:, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is real

11:1512:15 — Ending – We want everyone to be well, Representation Matters


Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr

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