May 3, 2021

[VIDEO] Child Defiant Behavior and How it Relates to Communication & Attunement with Dr. Alana Roth

Video & Audio

Dr. Roth specializes in working with children, joining us to demystify a child’s defiant behavior – Something I’m sure all parents would like to know! This conversation circles around the idea that acting out is communication, and attunement is the answer. Listen to the whole interview, or check out segments of interest detailed in the time stamps below.

Time Stamps:

00:00-01:15  –  Introduction to Dr. Alana Roth

01:15-04:17  –  Attunement and Regulation as parent’s tools to help kids rewire their brain

04:17-05:20 – Attunement in all relationships

05:20-09:00 – Why are children defiant? Communication! Be a detective to what kids are trying to communicate

09:00-12:01 – Metaphor of playing charades

12:01-16:55 – Research shows that 5 min/day attuning helps

16:55-24:35 – Resources – Books:

— “Beyond Behaviors” by Mona Delahooke (;

— “Overcoming Oppositional Behavior” by Dr. Gina Atencio-MacLean;

— “The Power of Showing Up” by Dr. Daniel Siegel & Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

24:35-26:14 – Thanking Dr. Roth for her personal & professional contributions (


Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr

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