November 13, 2020

[VIDEO] Enneagram Introduction with Priscilla Dean

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Priscilla Dean, an enneagram coach and therapist at Evergreen Counseling, joins Alexandra Hoerr to talk about this tool for self-discovery. The enneagram has created a lot of buzz these last few years, but few have taken the time to deep-dive into this system of knowing. Listen in on Priscilla’s discovery of the enneagram, the 9 types, and how often she thinks people are often mistyped (and if that matters!?). This is the first of a three part series, with ‘Centers of Intelligence’ and ‘Subtypes’ to follow. Priscilla stumbled upon the Enneagram in 2004, in a college dorm room while “surfing the web” (as they called it back then). It immediately intrigued her. At the time, she was in the common identity exploring phase that many young adults go through. As she pursued her career in counseling psychology, the Enneagram remained a consistent tool she used with her clients to help them on their own identity discovering journey. See more from Priscilla at or head to their instagram @priscilla.dean.5 and @evergreen_counseling_llc. Also be sure to check out all the interviews done by @alexhoerr on @optimumjoy IGTV and follow for updates.

Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr 


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