May 3, 2021

[VIDEO] Self-Care Conversation with Pete Marlow

Video & Audio

Pete Marlow joined us to talk self-care! We are already a year into the pandemic and self-care is still vitally needed for our sanity. Bottom line, it is not just about enjoyable activities. Instead it needs to be restorative, which means we may need to change things up occasionally. Listen to the entire interview, or check out the below soundbytes of interest.

Time Stamps:

00:00-02:27 — Intro to why we’re talking about self-care, It needs to be restorative!
02:27-07:29 — Categories of Self-Care: Physical
07:29-10:30 — Categories of Self-Care: Emotional
10:30-11:25 — Categories of Self-Care: Spiritual
11:25-12:55 — Categories of Self-Care: Professional
12:55-16:28 — Helpful Recommendations + Ending Interview

Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr 

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