May 13, 2021

[VIDEO] Vulnerability with Viktor Terpay

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The backbone of Viktor Terpay’s work as a therapist and personal life is vulnerability. He shares about his early perception that to be strong was to be “superhuman” and courageous. Unfortunately, being a superhuman leave people isolated and disconnected. Viktor dialogues with our founder to talk about why vulnerability is risky, and why taking the risk leads to a humane life full of real connections. 

Time Stamps: 

00:00-01:59 Introduction to Vulnerability with Viktor Terpay & his personal experience 

01:59-02:42 Vulnerability perceived as weakness when actually it is powerful and transformative 

02:42-03:49 Redefining Courage 

03:49-05:31 What does it look like to be vulnerable? Risk taking. 

05:31-06:39 Find spaces that are supportive for risk taking. Come back and continue working 

06:39-09:04 Reflection is a tool to build language and skills around vulnerability to connect 

09:04-10:05 We turn to automatic responses to keep us safe, but it keeps us stuck and disconnected. 

10:05-11:04 Picture of what vulnerability looks like. The risk of vulnerability can feel like “I might die” but to not do so keeps person stuck  

11:04-12:15 Trauma, difficult experiences, and shame work against vulnerability, leading to substance misuse and escape. To risk means the reward of powerful connection 

12:15-15:35 Resource: @brenebrown books/works, check in with self, use counseling as a uniquely safe place to practice risk taking of vulnerability 

15:35-15:59 Wrapping up 

Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr 


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