Counseling for Individuals

You can experience the optimum amount of joy in your life, and we can help.

Therapy is for everyone.

Maybe you’re in a place of crisis in your life. Maybe you’re not. Whatever brought you here to explore counseling for yourself, this is a step to finding more joy & peace in your life. 

Not everyone needs counseling, but everyone can benefit from it.


People often feel stuck – which can be from external circumstances or from within our own selves. Our professional & qualified therapists are ready to help discern what’s going on & how to move forward. Let’s unstick what’s stuck. 

Areas addressed in individual counseling


We all have anxiety! It is what helps our brains prepare for challenges. But anxiety can start getting in the way of our daily life functioning, robbing a person of internal peace. Explore where your anxiety is rooted & reduce it with a therapist.  


Depression is often rooted in loss, which can be symbolic or real. In some cases, depression is anger turned inward at self or even an existential crisis around the meaning of your life. Regardless, depression is painful & support can feel like coming out of a fog. 


We define trauma as anything that overwhelms your brain & body, leaving  you feeling helpless or hopeless in your ability to cope. Even if you don’t define your circumstances as trauma, your body may! All our staff is trauma-sensitive, and some of our staff has advanced training in healing trauma. 

Life Changes

Life is guaranteed to be a whirlwind! Work, family, continued development, relationships, loss of a loved one, etc. All changes, regardless of size & perception, are transitions. And transitions of any kind are a type of grief – leaving something behind & moving into something new. 


Stress is the catalyst for mental health symptoms manifesting themselves in your life. If you are more stressed, you will notice more anxiety & depression. If you manage stress, you will notice you feel good about your life. We help connect to & manage stress. 

Family Origin

Attachment is formed in our original families. We carry attachment forward into all significant relationships. Even if you grew up in the most wonderful family, attachment wounds are present. And if your home was more emotionally distant or abusive, then healing attachment is needed. 

“If you’re thinking about counseling…do it! Best personal investment I have ever made.”

“I think back on my life before- anxious, perfectionistic, judgemental- and I can’t believe it comes from the same person. I’ve come a long way. It feels good to be comfortable in my own skin and accepting of others around me.”

"When I came to Optimum Joy, my life was so stressful! With their help I feel lighter and happier for the first time in a long time."

“From the first phone call I knew I would be well taken care of. It took a lot for me to reach out. I have difficulty connecting, but I felt so welcomed and understood.”

“Mindfulness! Mindfulness! Mindfulness! I didn’t realize how tuned-out of my emotions I was. Alex helped me get back into listening to myself and practicing mindfulness. I literally use it all the time to ground me when I am feel anxious.”

We can help you get started