Megan Hanafee-Major

Therapeutic Orientation & Technique

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Feminist & Queer Theory

Family Systems Theory

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Attachment Theory

Areas of Specialty

Family Therapy
Couples & Marriage Therapy
Gender & Sexuality
Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood
Trauma Recovery & Post-Traumatic Growth
Spiritual & Religious Identity Development
Sexual Concerns
Parent & Caregiver Coaching

Professional Background

PsyD candidate in Clinical Psychology, Midwestern University, Downers Grove, IL

MA in Clinical Psychology, Midwestern University, Downers Grove, IL

BA of Psychology, Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL

BA of Communication Arts, Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL

Locations: Virtual Illinois & Colorado

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Maybe your life has changed and you’re not sure where you’re headed anymore.

It can be overwhelming to feel like you’ve lost yourself. Does it feel like the ‘you,’ inside might not live up to the ‘you,’ that lives, breathes, and presents yourself out in the world? When neither feels like the authentic person that you want to be, it’s difficult to know where to ask for help, what is wrong, what’s off balance, or even where to begin. Even if neither of these things feels totally right, the answer lies in finding the balance between the two of them, and creating your own meaning. Life is full of challenges ranging from small bumps in the road to extreme detours, but wherever you are at, you don’t have to navigate it alone. I’m excited the journey has led you here.   

What is therapy like? Well, we make space to explore together, look at your experiences from different angles, and build a trusting respectful therapeutic relationship that we use as the vehicle for healing and change. We will build this relationship while also building skills, building confidence, and building on your strengths. We work together to identify your personal goals and how I can best support you in them. Therapy is like working with a personal trainer. While I can’t personally run the mile for you, we’re here to help you be a better runner, and that starts by showing up (the hardest part sometimes). I will encourage you, provide resources like an exercise targeting a muscle that helps make you stronger and plot goal posts to break down the seemingly impossible into something real. 

As a person who has engaged in therapy at various times in my own life for a variety of reasons, I understand how helpful it can be and also how challenging. While all of my relationships with counselors were helpful to me, the close connections of a few were the experiences that I found most enriching.

I know firsthand the best therapy happens in a healthy relationship.

I inform my work with my own experiences growing up in the Christian faith, being faced with trauma, managing mental health issues, discovering my identity, and trying (sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding) to find balance in life. I understand that although not everyone who walks through the door will relate with these personal experiences, the underlying emotions of confusion, fear, joy, and sorrow, are universal.

If you are here, you have already made the first step of the journey, so let’s figure out together what the next one is.  At some point growth will be hard work, but you’re worthy of that effort. I’ll support you, and trust you know you the best and I am here to walk with you as you work to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

“I have been to a lot of therapists over the years, but none that I connected with like Megan. She didn’t make me feel weird or judged. I like to think we learned from each other.”

“Marriage counseling was helpful as we reconnect in our relationship after our separation. We learned about attachment styles and how trauma affects our marriage so we can communicate our feelings better.”

“I have seen such improvement in my child since he started therapy. We don’t argue anymore and he is doing better in school. He can manage his anger on his own and hardly has outbursts now.”

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