Melissa Del Carmen

Therapeutic Orientation & Techniques

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Psychodynamic Theory

Multicultural Assimilation & Development

Areas of Specialty

Grief & Loss
Depression & Anxiety
Crisis Response
Trauma Recovery

Professional Background

Illinois LPC 178.017176

Supervising Clinician: Alexandra Hoerr, LCPC 180.010561

Counseling, Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, IL

B.S. in Psychology, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Locations: Virtual Illinois

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Life seems like it’s in constant motion.

Without taking moments, you may not be realizing the changes that are taking place in your life. When the unexpected happens, disconnection can follow. Disconnection from your own life. Disconnection from others. Especially in unprecedented times the realities of stress, loss, and confusion may feel like they’re closing in on you.

The depths of these emotions can sometimes feel foreign. Ways you’ve known how to deal with these emotions and experiences may not be as helpful as they once were before. Our bodies are wise and tend to attune to our experiences and significant events with our emotions. In your attempts to explain thoughts or feelings, discomfort may be rising within you. You may not have words for it all, but your body is telling you something through emotions. That can be overwhelming. It may be time to reconnect again. You might feel scrambled to instinctively fix everything about your situation but there is value in sitting with your emotions for a moment. There is value in truly hearing them before acting. They are there for a reason. Let’s sit with your experiences as they are and allow proper healing to take place. Healing that will lead to action.

While working together, we can welcome those experiences and willingly sit with the emotions that naturally emerge alongside them. This may be difficult at first. We can walk at a pace that is manageable! Healing is not an easy walk to take, but with intentionality, we can endure the marathon. We can collaboratively find ways to do this. There is value in every characteristic of your being and every aspect of your life. Together, we can embrace both of your strengths and weaknesses to work toward your personal goals. Through a holistic approach, we can take steps toward healing, personal growth, and intentional care of your whole being. I desire to assist you in the restoration of resilience in your life! We can find ways to encourage consistent reflection and instill hope in your everyday. We can develop knowledge and personal skills that will equip you to maneuver confidently through different circumstances.

Loss had once created a crisis of identity within my life and challenged everything I thought I understood. Being consumed with the remnants of that event, I experienced strains in relationships and struggled to recover my identity. It felt as if I was alone. Sometimes “getting it together” isn’t what proves to be our strength. Through partnering with others, I’ve experienced what empathy and growth could look like. The pains of life can be used toward the development of someone’s identity. I desire to partner with you to uncover the value in your life! I care about advocating for you and want to support you in the ways that benefit you the best!

I know it’s hard to take the first step, but together we can take steps toward caring for yourself. I would love to sit with you and work toward your goals! Together we can talk about where you are and where you want to be. Call to set up a session with me!

"Melissa has walked with me throughout my most trying times. I was able to get through impactful transitions in my emerging adulthood because of the motivation we uncovered together. At my lowest, Melissa was there to support me, and I cherish all of her efforts."

“Melissa is the best encourager. When I’m around her I feel supported and loved for who I genuinely am.”

“Melissa listens to me whenever I need some support. She reassures me that everything is going to be okay.”

"Sometimes my anxiety feels like I'm spiraling out of control inside, and I have felt like some of my circling thoughts were truly unstoppable before working with Melissa. I still face some tougher days, but more and more of them I'm feeling a sense of being capable and gaining more control"

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