Group Therapy

An approachable, collaborative, and affordable way to explore a particular subject.

How it Works

Virtual and In-Person Options

Our groups are offered either virtually or in person, depending on the specific group. The location of each group will be clearly specified in the promotion, so you’ll know whether it’s online or at our center before signing up. After signing up, you’ll receive further details on how to join, depending on the format of the group.

Time Commitment

We now offer both traditional six-week series and one-time workshops. Our workshops provide an opportunity for focused exploration in a condensed format, while series delve deeper into topics across multiple sessions.

Therapist Faciliated

A licensed therapist facilitates each group, providing input to promote a dynamic experience and help participants explore the subject matter in-depth.

Group Size

Unless otherwise noted, these groups are between 4-10 participants, which allows all individuals to contribute.

Healing can happen in communal relationships

Find your group and make a change with guided support.

Not sure which group is right for you?

No worries! One of our therapists can help you decide which series is right for you.

Have more questions?

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