Individual Counseling

Are you feeling stuck?

You’re not alone in feeling this way – whether because of external circumstances or something unresolved within yourself. Our professional & qualified therapists are ready to help discern what’s going on and how to move forward.

Areas Addressed

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety can get in the way of our daily lives and steal our internal peace. Explore where your anxiety is rooted and reduce it with a therapist.

  • Depression

    Depression is often rooted in loss, either symbolic or real. Wherever your depression is coming from, we want to support you so you can come out of the fog.

  • Trauma

    All our staff is trauma-sensitive, and some have advanced training in healing trauma.

  • Life Changes

    Life can be a lot! Work, family, relationships, loss of a loved one, etc — all kinds of transitions can be a type of grief. Let’s process it together.

  • Stress

    We help you connect to and manage your stress, so you can restore balance in your life.

  • Family Origin

    Attachment is an important part of all significant relationships. We can all benefit from healing attachment wounds. Let us help!

Let’s unstick what’s stuck.

A group of five ethnically diverse male and female Chicago therapists standing in front of a brick building in a line.