Professional coaching

Your work matters — so let’s talk about it

Freud, one of the first modern psychologists, said the two main tasks of adulthood were to work and to love. Human work is how we express our individual gifts into the world. It is something we can have mastery over and feel creative and fulfilled within. If this ideal isn’t a reality in your life, then counseling or coaching could be helpful.

People come to counseling for a range of reasons: exploring industries that fit their personality; preparing to ask for a promotion; changing careers; managing a difficult work relationship dynamic; developing a healthier approach to work; meeting goals; and much more. We spend a majority of our lives working, so it makes sense to spend some time figuring out how to make our work lives fit into our overall lives.

Professional coaching can help with

  • Exploration & skills

    Working with your counselor, use assessments to explore growth directions that appeal to you. Nurture your skills in time management, teamwork, interpersonal skill sets, and more.

  • Career advancement

    Career advancements take energy and effort. Collaborate with a therapist to catch a vision for your future and chart a productive path towards it.

  • Relationship management

    The workplace adds a layer of complexity to social norms. Work through the complexities of workplace relationship dynamics with a therapist.

Sharpen your goals and build your skills with professional coaching

Three young therapists standing next to each other smiling in front of brick building.