Zach Seifert

Therapeutic Orientation & Technique

Person-Centered / Rogerian Therapy

Family Systems Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Areas of Specialty

Service Member and Family Care

Healing Friendships & Relationships

Couples: Dating & Marriage

Sports Counseling

Sex Addictions & Pornography

Emerging Adults

Spirituality & Church Hurt

Emotions in Young People

Anxiety & Depression

Professional Background

Illinois LCPC 180.014417

Colorado Pre-Licensed Supervising Clinician: Alexandra Hoerr, LPC.0016805

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Chicago State University, Chicago, IL

B.A. of Psychology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Locations: Virtual Illinois & Colorado

Pronouns: He / Him / His

You have power and access to healing – even if it feels out of reach right now.

Life consists of high highs, low lows, and everything in between. At some point you may find yourself somewhere incredibly challenging, struggling not to become overwhelmed with the complex and difficult circumstances you’re facing. The expectation to “have it together” might inflate the discomfort you’re experiencing even more. Maybe you feel like life is moving too fast and it’s hard to take a second to slow down and find your center. Maybe you are feeling disconnected from others, or even from yourself. Perhaps there’s a relationship in your life that’s not going how you pictured it, or maybe you’re struggling to find your purpose. Managing who you are is a challenge on its own, and adding additional responsibilities only intensifies the experience! I want to encourage you – YOU are NOT ALONE! Again, you have power and access to healing – even if it feels out of reach right now.

Our sessions will be a space used to reflect on where you came from and where you hope to go. That’s where we start, with curiosity about your unique lived experience. This exploration will require vulnerability, critical engagement, and active participation. We will collaborate with the understanding that you know you better than anyone else. Together, we will explore the pursuit of meaning, while striving to identify who you chose to be. We will work jointly to establish a growth plan to capture results that support your unique goals by challenging engrained thinking patterns. Whatever the combatant, we will fight it together. 

When I look back, I am astounded by how much I was willing to accept as my normal, regardless of how life-draining it might have been to me. I had a hard time discovering I had the power to change. Finally, I recognized a pattern; in every setting, without exception, comfortability was holding me captive. For me, change was scarier than staying trapped in a toxic environment or unhealthy circumstance. Eventually, I found a sense of freedom in breaking down those engrained thought processes and challenging the status quo. It took introspection, honesty, and a desire to change to realize that what was “familiar” was inhibiting the growth I so badly wanted. I had to fight the notion that discomfort is bad; on the contrary – it is the basis of growth.

I am driven to support individuals in their unique and crucial journey toward self-actualization; by challenging the “familiar” circumstances, I have experienced first hand that change is possible! When I work with someone, I firmly root every interaction in a holistic model of therapy that aims to acknowledge the relationship between mind, body, community and spirit. For that reason, clients can expect to be challenged to discover their full potential individually, relationally, and spiritually. The hardest ideas that people strive to manage internally are thoughts and feelings; in my work, I focus on providing understanding on how to regulate thinking and emotion with hopes of transforming the way you see yourself. This way, you can show up in the world as the person you’re hoping to be.

The cliche that the first step is the most challenging is true. You are not expected to be perfect or have all of the answers. This journey called life is extremely challenging and it is okay to seek out support, because you are worthy of healing. I would be honored to accompany you on your journey.

To those struggling within complex relationships:

I mentioned above that the hardest internal struggle we have as human beings is regulating between our head and heart centers. The challenge we have externally is managing our interactions with other people. Relationships are hard work and make up a huge part of our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. We can talk about what it looks like to make changes that can improve communication, reduce unwanted coping behaviors, and how to advocate for your needs in all circumstances. 

“Life is hard, Zach supported my journey and helped me sort out how to make it more manageable.”

“I never thought that I would like being challenged like Zach did for me. I found myself stuck in habitual patterns of thought and action that were not serving my interests. Zach helped me break free."

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