March 2, 2023

Why Seeing a Counselor Makes a Difference

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Everyone experiences emotional struggles in life. Transitions are a part of everyone’s lives. Everyone has dreams and aspirations for their future. If everyone shares these life experiences and stressors, how can counseling make a difference?

Having Another Perspective Matters

Counselors (myself included) are trained professionals who have experience helping others notice and make changes in their lives. While I think it’s true that I would love to be friends with the clients I work with (they are great people), the truth is that I am not their friend, neighbor, pastor, spiritual leader, or mentee. While my goal is to build a safe relationship where you can feel vulnerable and empowered to share about your experiences, I get to do so with an objective lens. For you as the client, approaching someone with a “clean slate” or, as the psychology world calls it, an “unconditional positive regard”, is beneficial to the counseling experience. I get to hold hope and encouragement for your future in a different way than those you are close to because I don’t carry with me previous impressions of you.

Freedom From Your Shoulds Matters

Seeing a counselor, like me, can make a difference if you struggle with the “shoulds.” You know them: I should be able to get over this. I shouldn’t need help because it’s not that big of a deal. I should be able to figure this out on my own. In this space, my hope is that you will experience freedom from those shoulds. Through validation, compassion, and empathy, I offer a space where there aren’t any expectations of how you should be. Instead, counseling becomes a space where your humanity is accepted and you can look squarely at what may be troubling you.

You Matter

Lastly, seeing a counselor is not like the movie, “Get Out!” I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s worth repeating. Counseling is not a space where you will feel manipulated or that you need to hide a part of who you are. My goal in counseling is to help you have a new experience of yourself and of others; To feel empowered to explore patterns within yourself and your family as well as to see how these are impacting your emotions and the formation of your relationships today.

If you’re curious about counseling and would like to learn more, I encourage you to reach out today! Counseling is a space for self-discovery and will give you the agency to facilitate change and growth. You matter!

Written by therapist Pamela Larkin

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