Resonate Joy 501c3

Investment In Individuals Is A Collective Investment


Mental health crisis

There is an incredible lack of providers available to meet the overwhelming need. We need new providers, and we need them to be representative of the people they serve. Diversity of age, race, gender, sexuality, ability – mental health providers need to represent the continuum of human expression. We are committed to training providers who showcase the beauty of diversity.

Impacting individuals

Spheres of influence is how we think about individuals. If any person increases their wellbeing, they impact their system around them. So we believe that individual impact is actually collective impact. Individuals can be the clients coming for support themselves, or the counselors connecting with those individuals. Both create a rippling impact of wellness from the investment in individuals.

For profit business doing good

Optimum Joy is intended to be run as a healthy business, both caring for our employees and generating profit. With those profits, we cultivate the ability to do good through Resonate Joy. Resonate means “to be filled with a deep, full, reverberation,” like how sound starts in one place and reverberates outward. It is our goal that emotional health would reach outward from our organization and be felt in a deep way by people impacted.

The mission

Our goal is two-fold: access to quality care and development of diverse clinicians.

Training & outreach program goals

Traditionally, mental health care has been limited to those with time, money, connections, and insurance. We believe mental health services should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, resources, or financial situation. We aim to break down these barriers by offering reduced fee sessions through our dedicated Clinical Residency Program.

Affordability cannot be an inhibitor in healing. Our reduced fee pricing is specifically designed for Illinois Residents who do not have medical insurance and require financial assistance to access mental health services. Our goal is to provide sustainable and accessible support that meets unique needs.

To inquire about reduced fee details and find the right assistance for your financial situation, please contact us. We encourage you to reach out, as mental wellness should be a priority for all, regardless of status or background. For those with medical insurance or other resources to afford our services, please refer to our Insurance & Payment page for non-reduced pricing options.