Preparing for your first visit

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Prepare For Your First Visit!

Feel comfortable and prepared before you come to your first appointment. Included is a virtual tour of our Chicago office so you can get to know our space and the feel of all our offices. More videos to come of our Denver, Bloomington, and new Chicago office!  

The Details



We make filling out your intake paperwork easy by offering it all online. Once your intake form is complete, our Intake Team will be in touch and walk you through the rest!


Optimum Joy started in Chicago, and now spans three cities: Chicago, Denver, & Bloomington. We currently offer virtual sessions anywhere in the state of Illinois or Colorado. 


Our online client portal securely keeps a card on file. If you would like to pay in a different way, at the end of the session request to pay via credit card, check, or cash.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

Is counseling for me?

Counseling is the process of getting help in the midst of difficulty. At Optimum Joy each therapist seeks to create a safe place for you to discuss what’s on your mind, and help you create options that were not previously available. This process can be difficult at times, but often the rewards far outweigh the investment of time, money, and energy. With almost anything, what you personally invest impacts the outcomes.

How long does counseling or therapy take usually?

There are many factors that influence the length of the therapy process. Some common issues that influence length of time are the duration and severity of the issue(s), family of origin, support system, and personal style with respect to change. Research shows that you should feel initial symptoms reduced after 8-12 sessions. However, we encourage you to consider if at that time the underlying issues have been addressed and resolved. Realistically resolving deeper patterns and issues can take 6 months to a year. Of course, your therapist will be tracking your progress with you the whole time and you two can come up with a plan together based on your progress!

How much does each session cost?

Your session cost will vary with your particular therapist. The cost may also vary if you decide to use insurance and how much your insurance will cover. The initial visit includes a first-time administration start-up fee. Our Intake Coordinator is trained to listen and match you with the therapist qualified to fit your needs and will provide detailed payment information on the phone when you reach out for your specific therapist match. You can call our intake coordinator today at 312-772-9796, extension 0, or fill out our secure form so our team can obtain a quote of benefits on your behalf. Please visit out Payment & Insurance page for more details. 

Will my insurance cover the cost of sessions?
In-Network Insurance Coverage

This depends upon the plan you have with your specific insurance company. Coverage varies widely between insurance plans. We are currently in-network with BCBS PPO, United Health Care, and Anthem BCBS plans and will bill your insurance for you under these plans. It is important to note that PPO plans are different than HMO plans, and we are not in-network with BCBS HMO insurance plans. However, you may be able to advocate for up to a 50% reimbursement for sessions under BCBS HMO plans, depending on your plan. Proceed to the section below to understand how HMO out-of-network benefits are processed.

Out-Of-Network Insurance Coverage

All other insurance plans can utilize the out-of-network benefits available to them. With out-of-network, we collect the full fee for session at the time of the appointment and give you a receipt with everything you need to file a potential reimbursement claim with your insurance. We can work together to understand your coverage and get you the help you need. Our office recommends calling your insurance company and asking specifically about out-of-network benefits. For a guide to calling your insurance about out-of-network benefit options, please refer to our Payment & Insurance page.

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