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Services designed towards a healthy relationship with yourself & others

Counseling is an investment 

Investing in your own development and having healthy relationships is worth it! The process may be hard at first, but results are priceless. You’ll carry the insight and growth into every area of your life. Optimum Joy offers a range of services and often collaborates amount our staff’s specializations to ensure you have the care you need. If you’re willing to invest in yourself, we’re ready to match your effort towards wellbeing. 

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is the most common modality. It not only focuses on your inner relationship with self, but also how you interact with other people.

Couples Counseling

Being an insightful and supportive couple takes a lot of work! If you’ve hit a snag, couples work can help understand & improve the dynamics of your relationship.

Video Counseling

Telehealth is counseling via video or phone and adds a level of convenience to the therapy process. Essentially, you can grow from your own home, or wherever life takes you!

Faith Integration

We follow a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of holistic care. Spiritual wellbeing is important for resiliency and feeling purposefully connected to the wider world.

Family Counseling

Family counseling helps the family unit feels unified, connected, and able to enjoy each other in an ever-changing life.

Trauma Counseling

Overwhelming experiences can result in your brain and body storying trauma, resulting in mixed symptoms including numbing out, anxiety & depression, dissociation, intrusive thoughts, and general hopeless or helpless feelings. Trauma can be healed.

Relationship Counseling

No matter what kind of relationship, if it is important to you it is an important relationship to us. More and more, friends and other types of relationships are choosing to improve their relationships through counseling.

Career Counseling

Work is more than work. It is an expression of who you are into the world. No matter what stage of career you are in, career orientated counseling can help understand where you’re headed & help get you there.

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