Natasha Beals

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Mindfulness & Acceptance

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Areas of Specialty

Anxiety & Depression
Women’s Concerns & Postpartum
Trauma Recovery
Prolonged Singleness
Tough Life Transitions
Grief & Bereavement
PTSD Treatment
Body Image
Adolescent Concerns
New or Mature Relationships
Family Dysfunction

Professional Background

Illinois LSW 150.109032

Supervising Clinician: Alexandra Hoerr, IL 180.010561

M.A. in Clinical Concentration, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

B.A. in Management, Loyola University, Chicago, IL

Associate in Graphic Design, International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago, IL

Associate in Business Administration, Northwestern College, Chicago, IL

Locations: Virtual Illinois, In-Office Chicago

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

You struggle to make it through the day without shedding a tear.

There is a constant worrying about everything. It is that feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The feelings of anxiety, fear, loneliness, or hopelessness keep you from living a life of peace. It is hard to be in the present moment because the thoughts of your past are preventing you from moving forward. You want to live a life full of joy, but if you could only stop thinking negative thoughts such as “ What is wrong with me?” “I will be alone for the rest of my life,” “I wished I could have done this differently,” or “Will I ever be loved?”. These thoughts keep you awake at night, fill you with fear, cause isolation and interfere with your relationships with loved ones. Negative thoughts are the worst thoughts to have, and you are searching for help to eliminate the pain that the negative thoughts are causing. What you are experiencing is normal, and many humans are where you are right now. You just want to be happy with your life. You are ready for a peaceful and loving life. This is what you deserve, and this is what we will achieve together.

We are in this together.

Working together will feel like a very personable team. We will explore the root causes behind these negative thoughts and create a plan that focuses on the present moment. Together we will make small but meaningful changes in the way you think about yourself, your life, and your current relationships. You will leave every session with a feeling of positivity, connection, and simplicity. We will work together to eliminate or replace your symptoms and create healthy ways to thrive in a more peaceful, self-loving, and enjoyable life.  

It has always been a passion of mine to help you achieve healthy mental health. After obtaining my advanced degree in social work, I have focused on studying developing healthy relationships, mindfulness and acceptance, meditation, overcoming trauma, eliminating negative thoughts, how our past can significantly  influence our present, storytelling, eliminating fear, worrying, anxiety, and overthinking. It is my calling to help you have the life that is meant for you.

I know you may be hesitant to reach out, but I promise it will be painless and worth it. It’s time for you and me to work together toward your new life.

Let’s start this new journey towards healthy mental health today. Contact our front desk to schedule a session with me!

“I cannot thank Natasha enough for guiding me and through some of my life choices and pushing me to always do better. My life is getting better, my anxiety and my fears have diminished. I still struggle a bit with my anger but Natasha has helped me to control my anger and respond in a much better way. I truly enjoyed and cherished our time together. She is truly an amazing person!” - SH

“I am so proud to call Natasha a colleague of mine. She is an incredible addition to the social work field. Natasha is a dedicated, compassionate and hardworking therapist.” - CR

“Losing a child is never easy. My life is filled with constant grief and pain. Trauma isn’t easy. Natasha provides me with techniques that are helping me to deal with my pain. I have learned how to be in the present moment with my grief. My relationships with loved ones are improving and my self-love is growing stronger everyday.” - RF

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