Sydney Kittrell

Leanette Sunsum

Therapeutic Orientation & Techniques

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Person-Centered Therapy


Attachment Theory 

Areas of Specialty

Adolescent Concerns
Self-Concept & Identity Development
Disordered Eating
Trauma & Recovery
Spiritual & Religious Identity
Body Image

Professional Background

Clinical Residency, June 2022-May 2023

Supervising Clinician: Alexandra Hoerr LCPC 180.010561

Student M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Trauma Certificate, Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, IL 

B.A. in Psychology with minor in Environmental Studies, Furman University, Greenville, SC

Locations: Virtual Illinois, In-Office Chicago

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Life will inevitably bring up intense emotions and feelings: shame, fear, confusion, etc.

Overwhelming pressure, life transitions, past trauma, or simply the burden of daily stressors can pile on you until it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Emotions are a normal part of the human experience but can quickly become overpowering. When overwhelmed, you may find it relatively impossible to maintain or initiate close relationships with family, friends, and significant others. This can create a vicious cycle of anxiety, isolation, and hopelessness. It can feel like you have no way out of this bleak season. 

My hope is that we can work collaboratively to explore and pursue paths out of whatever difficult season you may find yourself in. When we spend time together, there will be no judgment or condemnation; instead, we will create a sacred and safe space to fully investigate any complex feelings, heavy emotions, or challenging incidents you may have experienced. We will work to develop confidence and increased self-esteem in your daily life, better understand the discrepancy between thoughts and reality and learn how to face fears as an alternative to avoidance. I won’t offer any easy answers or platitudes in the therapy room; instead, we will work hard together towards empowerment, healing, and freedom.

Throughout adolescence and adulthood, so many of my friendships and relationships were therapeutic in nature. I love spending time with people, and I’m always quick to skip the small talk and dive straight into deep questions and conversations. I grew up focused on others through various roles: committed friend, backpacking leader, and mentor for high-schoolers. While trying so hard to support others, I ignored personal emotional and identity struggles. I was able to acknowledge my own challenges by finally allowing space to explore my emotions and thoughts fully . Through  accepting that one does not always have to be happy or “on” for others, I was able to find ways to independently thrive while simultaneously existing in a supportive and close-knit community. Outside of the therapy room, you’ll find me enjoying slow breakfast feasts, spending time outside rain or shine, or reading a good book at a cozy coffee shop. 

Starting therapy can be terrifying. Vulnerability can be terrifying. But the process is so worth it and reaching out is the first step. Don’t delay. Let’s start working towards empowerment and health today. Please reach out and we can begin this journey together.


“Sydney has an undeniable passion for working with adolescents and facilitating growth every step of the way. Her ability to connect with people is truly inspiring and her energy is contagious.” - KN

“Sydney exudes empathy and compassion in her interactions with others. She has demonstrated the ability to be insightful, thoughtful, and emotionally present in all situations.” - AS

“Sydney is thoughtful, reflective, and warm. I left our time together as a more authentic and kind version of myself.” - KC

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