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“We firmly believe that you are the expert on your own life, and we as therapists get to join together and collaborate with you… so you can experience the most optimum amount of joy that life has to offer, no matter your circumstances.”

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"When I came to Optimum Joy, my life was so stressful! With their help I feel lighter and happier for the first time in a long time."

"My husband and I have tried to work through our trust stuff seemingly our entire marriage. After lots of hard work and difficult conversations at Optimum Joy, we are feeling so connected!"

“From the first phone call I knew I would be well taken care of. It took a lot for me to reach out. I have difficulty connecting, but I felt so welcomed and understood.”

“Mindfulness! Mindfulness! Mindfulness! I didn’t realize how tuned-out of my emotions I was. Alex helped me get back into listening to myself and practicing mindfulness. I literally use it all the time to ground me when I am feel anxious.”

“If you’re thinking about counseling…do it! Best personal investment I have ever made.”

“I think back on my life before- anxious, perfectionistic, judgemental- and I can’t believe it comes from the same person. I’ve come a long way. It feels good to be comfortable in my own skin and accepting of others around me.”

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