October 13, 2023

Am I Ready For Therapy?

By Ruth Nathaniel
Mental Health & Wellbeing

Your family and friends have mentioned topics they’re exploring in therapy, and they seem pleased with the results so far. It gets you thinking about some of the concerns you’ve been pondering over the last several years, and you wonder, “Am I ready for therapy?” I’m here to encourage you to consider taking that important step in your wellness journey.

When To Start

Therapy comes along at different points for everyone who has decided to start. For some, it was logistical, such as great insurance plan coverage or mandated by their job. Others may have first entered therapy due to devastating loss recently or intense symptoms they could no longer manage alone. And for some, multiple factors have culminated, making therapy a reasonable exploration at this time. All to say, there is never a “right” or “wrong” time to start therapy because starting is what actually matters.


The idea of sitting across from a therapist and diving into some heavy topics is understandably scary at times. I’ve been in the client seat, and I know my colleagues have too. It takes vulnerability, safety, and respect to make the therapeutic alliance between client and therapist work. That asks a lot of clients, no doubt. You’ll be surprised how healthy it is to acknowledge your pain or to tackle that intrusive thought in the presence of a professional. It may not always feel “good,” but like washing out a wound, it will move you to greater healing. Our job as therapists is to provide comfort, validation, and feedback, hopefully creating a secure environment for you to open up. Your vulnerability goes hand in hand with courage, and we strive to honor that.


Some clients come in with several key topics they’d like to explore over the course of therapy. Other clients know they’d simply benefit from the therapeutic space and let things unfold organically over time. Overall, it is completely fine if you don’t know exactly what you’d like to start exploring in therapy. During your intake session, your therapist will ask about various aspects of your life, including family history, work/education, social/romantic connections, spirituality, and cultural considerations. This may spark something for you, or your therapist can provide recommendations based on what you’ve initially shared.

The Short Answer is Yes.

You are ready for therapy if the idea of a safe and productive space sounds helpful at this point in your life. It never ceases to amaze me when I sit across from clients willing to look at their lives and do the hard work of reflection. I’ve witnessed immense growth, dreams realized, healing, and building skills that otherwise would not have been possible if clients hadn’t said yes to their wellness and mental health. I hope that you, too, will experience the same.

If you want to live a more mindful life, I’d love to meet you and hear your story. Give us a call about setting up an appointment today!

Written By

Ruth Nathaniel

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