Dr. Blessing ( @drblessinga ) is a Nutritionist & Digestive Health expert joining therapist Alexandra Hoerr to talk about the mind-body connection’s importance, specifically how gut health impacts mental health. They unpack the science behind it and easy, accessible ways to start improving your gut health.

Time Stamps:
0:00-1:30 Introduction
1:30-7:07 Emotions as information impacting the body
7:07-10:52 Boundaries as mastery of emotions
10:52-12:01 Constipations impact on hormones
12:01-15:10 Different Systems : Parasympathetic, Sympathetic, Enteric
15:10-20:56 Boundaries & Helpful Practices: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Media Consumption, Eat Fiber, Exercise, etc.
20:56-25:10 Your gut impacts your brain!
25:10-33:32 It is affordable and accessible to change your gut health, including getting outside, magnesium supplements, & sleeping

Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr 


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