Part 3 or 3 in our enneagram series featuring Pricilla Dean! This week we dive into one of the most underutilized resources of the enneagram: the subtypes. Essentially, there are three “instincts” that people operate intuitively from, orientating around me (self-preservation), you (sexual or one-to-one), or we (social). These are hardwired into us for survival! If you or anyone you know is confused about their type or why they aren’t the stereotypical number, you may want to look a little deeper at your instinct. It greatly impacts the manifestation and expression  of your type into the world! This is a long one, so we’ve broken it into three segments based on the Gut/Heart/Head grouping and added them to the Enneagram series @optimumjoy’s IGTV.

0:00 – Introduction to Instincts 

15:30 – Gut: 8, 9, 1

44:31 – Heart: 2, 3, 4

1:09:59 – Head: 5, 6, 7 

Hosted by therapist Alexandra Hoerr 


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