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Our warm and insightful therapists are ready to meet you where you are. Choosing a therapist is important. We recommend looking at the specializations, as well as considering the feel of that person. Age, gender, race, training, background, focus of work – It all matters and is part of the decision making process. Click a therapist’s photo to learn more about them, so you can begin.

Pete Marlow

Pete Specializes In:
  • Couples Work
  • Career Shift & Exploration
  • Sexuality & LGBTQ+ Concerns
  • Men’s Issues
  • Grief & Loss

Fallyn Lara

Fallyn Specializes In:
  • Professional Development
  • Church Hurt & Spirituality
  • Women in Leadership
  • Identity & Self Concept
    Life Transitions

Sarah Heinss

Sarah Specializes In:
  • Dating & Relationships
    Disordered Eating
    Enneagram Work 

    Artist’s Concerns
    Sexuality & Identity

Melissa Del Carmen

Melissa Specializes In:
  • Attachment
    Trauma Recovery
    Grief & Loss
    AAPI Experiences 
    Depression & Anxiety

Alex Parlette

Alex Specializes In:
  • Dating & Relationships
    Anger Management
    Sex Addiction & Pornography
    Pre-Marital & Couples
    Religious Identity-Spirituality

Treshana Lewis

Treshana Specializes In:
  • Codependency
    Religious Identity & Spirituality
    Trauma Recovery
    Prolonged Singleness

    Grief & Loss

Viktor Terpay

Viktor Specializes In:
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Addiction & Impulse Control
    Trauma & Recovery
    Identity & Spirituality
    Grief & Bereavement
Optimum Joy Therapists

Bria McCalpin

Bria Specializes In:

  • Trauma
    Grief & Loss
    Black Concerns & Bicultural Stress
    Financial Disorders
    Women’s Concerns

Natalie Wanders Hu

Natalie Specializes In:
  • Disordered Eating
    Women’s Issues & Postpartum
    Dating & Relationships
    Faith Development 

Elise Champanhet

Elise Specializes In:
  • Complex Personalities
  • Premarital & Couples
  • Family Dysfunction & Stress
  • Ethnic & Religious Identity
    Codependent Relationships 
Optimum Joy Therapists

Roslyn Jordan

Roslyn Specializes In:

  • Codependency
    Religious Identity & Spirituality
    Trauma Recovery
    Prolonged Singleness

    Grief & Loss

Pamela Larkin

Pamela Specializes In:
  • Women’s Concerns
    Dating & Relationships
    Ethnic Identity Development
    Premarital Counseling 
    Pregnancy & Planning 
Optimum Joy Therapists

Clair Miller

Clair Specializes In:Trauma Recovery & Abuse

  • PTSD Treatment
    Sexual Abuse Recovery
    Tough Life Transitions
    Sexuality & Relationship  Concerns 
Optimum Joy Therapists

Alexandra Hoerr

Alexandra Specializes In:

  • PTSD & Trauma Recovery
    Leaders & Entrepreneurs
    Church Hurt & Spirituality
    Enneagram Typing & Discernment
    Attachment Wounds 

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